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ALİ SALTAN (1982) lives and works in between Çanakkale and Ankara.

He studied Sociology at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and received his MA in Gender and Women’s Studies from Ankara University in 2010. Particularly interested in the study of issues related to border, identity and immigration in the context of political and cultural geography, subcultures, urban memory, surplus and gentrification.
His works have been exhibited in Auditorium della Tecnica, Rome (2018); CerModern, Ankara (2018); Depo, İstanbul (2014); Inex Gallery, Belgrad (2014); FotoIstanbul (2014); Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art, Yerevan (2013) and Amed Art Gallery, Diyarbakır (2013) among many others.
His work ‘Beyond the River’ was published as a book in 2012. Other than that his works have been published in İZ magazine (2019); Kontrast magazine (2019); ‘Surplus of Istanbul’ (2014); ‘MerhaBarev’ (2009); National Geographic Armenia (2009), and he has contributed to several magazines as a writer.
He worked as an instructor in various photography related courses at Başkent University, Ankara and Ankara University between 2010-2018, and as an editor, visual consultant, sociologist and media director for multitude of platforms. Currently he works on commissioned photography and video projects for several NGOs such as WHO, UNICEF, GIZ, Médecins Sans Frontières, etc.

He is one of the finalists of the Lens Culture Portrait Awards (2021).

He is an affiliate of PLATFORM by GAPO. 

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