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ASLI ÇELİKEL (1988) lives and works in İstanbul. 
She graduated from Marmara University Department of Photography in 2014. 
When she was a child, she had difficulty understanding texts. In search of an easy way to overcome this situation she started to encode texts through pictures and symbols, and thus she was introduced to the power of the visual world. In her works, she goes after the details that she comes across in everyday life, and either makes them part of a story or creates a new story out of them.
Her works have been exhibited at Taksim Sanat, İstanbul (2023); Mamut Art Project, İstanbul (2022); Peep Art Space, İstanbul (2022); Unexpected, online exhibition (2020); İzole Project, online exhibition (2020); Fotoistanbul (2017); Artist (2014) and Pera Museum, İstanbul (2014) among many others.
She continues her career as a director and besides commercials she has directed several music videos. She is currently working on a feature-length documentary about the concept of belonging, in which she is the narrator.
She is a member of RFYP (Reklam Filmi Yönetmenleri Platformu-Platform for Advertising Film Directors), Sinema Televizyon Sendikası (Cinema Television Union) and an affiliate of PLATFORM by GAPO.

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