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Ateş Alpar, Dipten ve Derinden (7).jpg

ATEŞ ALPAR (1988) lives and works in between Adana, Mardin and İstanbul.

They work in a wide range of media including video, performance, sound, photography and site-specific installations, focusing on issues such as borders, security tools, cultural destruction/colonial policies, identity fluidity. The ambiguity of history and the concept of memory are at the centre of their artistic productions.

In 2022, Alpar was invited to Performistanbul as a guest artist, and finally, in 2023, they held their first solo exhibition 'Stone Shell Silence' at Merdiven Art Space, İstanbul. Their second solo exhibition 'Deeply and Profoundly' was held in Bilsart, İstanbul (2023).

Their works have been exhibited in many group exhibitions such as  '2019', Zilberman Gallery, İstanbul (2023); 'It Doesn't Matter Until It Does', Martch Art Project, İstanbul (2023); 'Revolte', Zemin Gallery, Berlin (2023); '', The Grey Space in the Middle, Hollanda (2023); 'Tekinsiz', Meteor, Bursa (2022); ‘Hadi Bana Geçelim‘, Koli Art Space, İstanbul (2022); ‘Sessizlik Biçimleri‘, Kıraathane, İstanbul (2021); ‘Hiçbir Şey Olmadığında‘, Çatı Sanat Alanı, İzmir (2022); ‘Sauna’ (online exhibition, 2021); ‘Pasaj’ (online exhibition, 2020); ‘Through the Window’ (online exhibition, 2020); Arada Festival, İstanbul (2020); ‘Turkish Delight’, London (2020); ‘Sahalarda Kuir Paslaşmalar’, İstanbul (2018); ‘LadyFest’, İstanbul (2018) and ‘LGBTI+ Youth Festival’, Izmir (2018) among many others.

Their works have been published in Art Unlimited (2021), Fail Books (2021) and KaosGL Mag (2017).

Their performances include 'The Universal History of Stone', İstanbul (2022); 'Looking at the Ruins', Mardin (2022); 'Tüm Sular Çatlağını Bulana Kadar', Koli Art Space, Istanbul (2022) and 'Between Us', İstanbul (2021).

They are an affiliate of PLATFORM by GAPO.

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