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ATEŞ ALPAR (1992) live and work in between Adana, Mardin and İstanbul.

After studying Communication at Çukurova University for 2 years they dropped and have been attending classes on art, art philosophy, politics and visual sociology at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University as a guest student for the last 3 years.

They are mainly involved in photography, performance art, experimental music and cinema. They produce contemporary documentary photography projects on queer politics, migration, borders, civil rights and underground music. 

Their works have been exhibited in ‘Hadi Bana Geçelim‘, Koli Art Space, İstanbul (2022); ‘Sessizlik Biçimleri‘, Kıraathane, İstanbul (2021); ‘Hiçbir Şey Olmadığında‘, Çatı Sanat Alanı, İzmir (2022); ‘Sauna’ (online exhibition, 2021); ‘Pasaj’ (online exhibition, 2020); ‘Through the Window’ (online exhibition, 2020); Arada Festival, İstanbul (2020); ‘Turkish Delight’, London (2020); Karaburun Science Congress, Izmir (2019); ‘Queer Ballet’, Izmir (2019); ‘1+1 Birlikte Güçlüyüz’, İstanbul (2019); ‘Sahalarda Kuir Paslaşmalar’, İstanbul (2018); ‘LadyFest’, İstanbul (2018) and ‘LGBTI+ Youth Festival’, Izmir (2018) among many others.

Their works have been published in Art Unlimited (2021), Fail Books (2021) and KaosGL Mag (2017).

They have attended several workshops such as ‘Acı, haz ve ürperti’ by Yekhan Pınarlıgil (2021) and ‘Visual Story Development Workshop’ by Evelien Kunst and Özcan Yurdalan (2019).

They are an affiliate of PLATFORM by GAPO.

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