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“For the steps suspended aloft of all storks”
Picture an area among mountains. A timeless river running in the middle, letting itself flow towards Aras. In a dry region, a climate borrowed from the Mediterranean, together with all its fertility. Place two villages on both sides of the river. Blended with the everyday whirl of women, men and children. Close your eyes and be a bird, spread your wings over the watercourse and, along with its tune, release yourself into the air. Carefree. Nature’s liveliness.  
Picture an area among mountains. A river running in the middle. Two villages on its sides. Two communities, so close with similar longings, worries, doubts and yet so far away. Look at the river, look at Arpaçay/Ahuryan. Look at the long, long line it is drawing as its water touches earth. The Border. The Armenia - Turkey border. With a vague unease, the air is swinging anxiously, do you see?
‘Beyond the River’ focuses on border experiences of the residents of Halıkışlak (Turkey) and Bagaran (Armenia) villages, which are located at each side of the River Arpaçay/Ahuryan; and deals with paradox of so near and yet so far situation of ‘the other side’ in historical and cultural aspects. The project aims to visualize the other side of the river, where the communication is established through voices and sounds between residents of each side, but where the actual images of this sound communication is unclear.

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