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Cabin fever is a term that was published first in The Journal of Social Psychology in 1984 and became popular afterwards. Literally, it is the reaction to being isolated and condemned for a long time because of not leaving or being able to leave a house or building. According to some experts, it is a kind of syndrome, for others it is an emotional disorder that occurs depending on the seasons. Basically it has emotional roots that can range from intense imprisonment to some phobias. It is a feeling such as boredom, discontent, depression that can vary from person to person or from day to day.
In the 'Cabin Fever' series, I interpret this phenomenon by using colors thematically and with a humorous style, benefiting from cinematic elements in some photographs and self-portrait tradition in others. I try to present versions of me varying from indifference to vulnerability, from boredom to cheerfulness, by shaping them according to the variability of emotion.
My choice of topic also has a time-related problem due to its content. I try to process many emotional situations ranging from inconclusive rebellions to the necessity of creating a preoccupation during solitude to surrender to adversity. I also include uneasy moments of questions and inquiries on the one hand, and ‘voyeurism’ by referring to the presence of the audience on the other.

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