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Queer nightlife is part of the anti-systemic struggle of a community subjected to ruthless discrimination and oppression. It illuminates and colours the night and sometimes works as a creative dynamo that intensifies it. This dynamo inhabits a ground that goes beyond contemporary culture, which is conditioned by pure consumption and entertainment. Queer nightlife is a therapeutic moment of fermentation in which it captures the ground of various encounters, horizontal intimacies, cross patterns, solidaristic relations and social struggles.
'Deeply and Profoundly'
(2016-2023) are poetic images of the whispers that have always been passed down through generations. As the whispers rise, a strong rejection of the existence of fictional bodies is revealed. The possibility of representation is problematised in the face of accepted norms and denial. The series of photographs and videos listen to the murmurs that come from the depths. Queer nightlife, where murmurs become sounds, routine is interrupted and implicit and explicit pleasure are shared, also explores the possibilities of reproduction.

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