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I’ve made journeys in Anatolia for seven years (2012-19), where I forgot everything I read and heard about this geography, stood clear from people and their stories, and tried to discover and understand exclusively the geography itself. I always dreamed about a narrative, which I hope to come close to the poetry format instead of a visual record, which will transform into an article with the sensibility of a historian. Therefore, from the very beginning I chose rivers as a guide to my journeys. I tried to do the very same things with the rivers, which rise from a source, merge with different tributaries and try to reach the sea through the ways they never know. Rivers establish a very fertile lowland, delta, before they empty into the sea with the deposits they carry, change and transform. First, I established an image delta with the deposits collected through these journeys that I made on my own. And then this work, ‘Delta’, is born from this image delta. I am still contemplating it and trying to put it in a book form.

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