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Being a part of the ever-changing Istanbul brings along learning how to act accordingly with this change. Being an Istanbulite requires being at the center of both social life and commercial areas, as well as facing various difficulties, especially the economic ones.
Towards the end of my years in Istanbul, I, like many other people, faced the dilemma between moving to newly built areas outside the center of the city and not being able to move away from the center due to social and economic difficulties.
‘Distant İstanbul’ stemmed precisely from this dilemma. In a metropolis like Istanbul, I tried to question the concept of the city and the individual by taking into account the discontinuities caused by living in places that are far from the center, the disrupted formations of these newly developing areas and the lives they host. In parallel with the process I experienced and with the help of portraits, ‘Distant İstanbul’ tries to reveal a topographical view of these places that lack original urban aesthetics.

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