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ERDEM VAROL (1988) lives and works in İstanbul.

He stays alive by walking, taking photographs, drawing, and writing. Going beyond just moments compressed through visuals and layers of texts, he invites his viewers to see his works as documents that hold clues into his perception, muscle memory, and errors. As a self-taught photographer, he participated in several workshops and developed his own style. He has a special interest in printed matters and produced several books and photo zines.

His publications include a self published book ‘Free Fall’ (2017), a fanzine ‘Sanayi Mahallesi’ (2018) and a monograph 'Dolana Dolaşa' (2021), and collective publications ‘F: Photocopy Publication Project’ (2020), ‘Aralık IV’ (2019) and ‘Almost Red’ (2017).

His works have been exhibited at Middle East Now Festival, Firenze (2020); Callinghouse, Istanbul (2020); Karşı Sanat, Istanbul (2019); Hayy Open Space, Izmir (2019); Istanbul Photobook Festival, Istanbul (2019); International Più Libri Più Liberi Photobook Festival, Rome (2018); PhaseBook: Prague Artbook & Zine Fair, Prague (2018); Volumes Independent Art Publishing Fair, Zurich (2018); Daire Sanat, Istanbul (2018); UFAT Photography Days, Bursa (2018); The Photographers Gallery, Istanbul (2017); 13 Streets, Street exhibition, Marseille (2016) and Z Lifestyle Gallery, Bogotha (2015) among many others.

He is the winner of Bird in Flight Prize Special Nomination (2020).

He is one of the co-founders of Suimasen Editions and an affiliate of PLATFORM by GAPO.

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