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Ordu, a city by the Black Sea, where I was born and raised but lived away for a while and returned again, has been changing and growing with new constructions recently. Because of this change that caused me to alienate from the city, I cannot remember certain things completely and I often find myself asking the question "what's going on?”. The fact that I cannot remember the places once I knew well, such as the back of my palm, is probably due to the blunting of the relationship between the present and the past with the emergence of things that do not belong to the city and the city's memory.
“I Almost Remember” is a series in which I try to address the blunting of memory and its consequences, based on my own memories of Ordu. I try to emphasize the layered and problematic relationship between yesterday and today by making comparisons between the places and objects of the past and those made today in certain parts of the city. This brutality causes a blind relationship between the individual and the place where they live. And since young people are the most affected by this blind relationship, I try to point out the mental void by portraying them in these spaces.

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