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There are signs that something is terribly wrong. A disaster, actually no, doomsday is looming over us. The city sighs in pain, everyone can hear it, only to choose to ignore it. 
No one knows what should be done. The city cannot be tamed. It's preparing for something inevitable, an end that has no possibility of being peaceful. 
But in this untamed space, the photographer exists. There might be a way out of this, without having to drop ice-nine into the Bosporus to end it all, once and for all. 
The work turns its lens towards an invisible threat: using a vivid colour palette, it looks for something sinister, even cursed in the mundane; the moments where everything makes very little sense. 
A fictional novella accompanies the visuals, completing a narrative that is built on associations of a scenario where only one person survives, and as a last resort, keeps documenting the city to make sense of it all. In this novella, a lone man wanders around the city, attempting to find a way out of it. 
Is it possible to escape from İstanbul? Spoiler: it may not be. 

* İstanbul'dan Korkuyorum: I am Afraid of İstanbul

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