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It has been more than 50 years since guest workers (‘Gastarbeiter’) from Turkey started to immigrate to Germany. They have also brought the sweat and tear of Germany’s ‘economic miracle’ with themselves. Then something, which not many expected, had happened and they stayed in Germany. However even after half a century, this workforce still faces everyday challenges and struggles in belonging to their new home. 
This ‘in progress’ integration left many at the limbo of the least comfortable choice between belonging and longing. Although they are already a part of the society in Germany -despite facing everyday pains of being a part of the immigrant society, ranging from stereotyping to xenophobia- an ideal of a ‘dream homeland’ eases their daily disappointment and provides a mental and psychological shelter to those in need. 
Authentic social sanctuaries or ‘protected islands’ have been created for feelings of safety, comfort and homeliness. They spend their time in these places and are not very welcoming to anyone who is not their own. 
‘Members Only’ tries to infiltrate these isolated communities created by the guest workers from Turkey who have distinct fluid and multi-faceted identities which merge customs from home and appropriate ways of living in Germany. 

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