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'Pür' is a series of small fragments of the world Çelikel dreams of seeing when she wakes up every morning. This series, which Çelikel developed based on the idea that simplicity and slowness are all we need, represents the simplicity and tranquility of the ordinary, with the desire to purify her mind from the pollution created by the synthetic and chaotic world imposed on humanity. Perhaps 'Pür' is a search for a kind of purification and separation.

Composed of images captured through the lens of a city dweller longing for a slower world, 'Pür' also carries the curiosity of being someone else's eye. In this series, you can sometimes only see an orange, a plate quickly eaten and left behind, a napkin with lipstick marks forgotten in a hotel room or a hanging jacket. Aiming to make the invisible visible for people, the series contains silent stories of loneliness, wounds, small simplicity and silence through objects in ordinary moments.

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