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“Attending to the outer world's forms and colors, the photographer, recreates an intimate universe more truthful in her reconstruction than the real. ...Her attempt is to tame memories, to switch them around, to resituate them to give them an alternate life in sorting and repositioning them in another context. Perched in front of the printed image, she tries to trace while accentuating its ‘magic’, she would call it a feeling whose roots find their source in the past while taking itself lightly and harvesting that laughter upon discovery of an alternate self. This taking apart is in order to give back, with the focus not on rupture but on this other self no longer dispersed. She becomes the contemplator of another world: her own. 

Musing over identity and the terrains of intimacy, alternating between everyday chronicles comprised of landscapes; haloed life itself; portraits; and inner gardens displayed in all their excess and ability to seduce and move us, just as photography itself exerts the power to move us inwardly a site of renewed transition between kingdoms, sometimes unarmed, and of a vast coherence in viewpoints, distance and a singular way of writing. The unfolding of this series, titled ‘Recall’, is completely clear and fluid, a kind of nakedness that is both visible and the undoing of visibility.” 


* Excerpt from the text by Nathalie Gallon, written for the exhibition "Six Personnalités en Quête d'Intime", 2014

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