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I'm trying to walk inside my mind. Crystal, moldy, good bad ugly, shaken to become İbrahim again in the memories and thoughts that have not yet been embraced.

I'm trying. This is the smell that smears me every time I go out. One in your pocket

like putting an apple or a stone. What makes this drifting process special for me is that I don't liken it to digging a well inside myself. This period of time is full of moments of acceptance, good or bad, about many things that I did not accept and ignored about myself before. It is a damp and wet feeling. Wetness isn't just about slippery bodies or floors.

Wetness has an odor and shape of its own. I got the feeling that as I dig the well deep inside me I transform into the wetness itself. A sneakingly rotting, wet, heavy body… And I experience sorrow when I jump out of this well. Because, the cost of this confrontation is to leave the well. It is impossible to stay there and live your life...

My homework in life is to take pictures. This is how I live happily. My self-talk turns into stone or apple. To be İbrahim again like the cycle in my mind.

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